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A lot of the interesting winter targets are starting to move out of view and it’s time to try and bag this with the QHY8 before it disappears.

The differential flexure I was getting was just down to my polar alignment being off. By taking the newt on and off I must have nudged the EQ6 pillar. With that sorted I’m now managing 20 min subs quite comfortably, the only downside is that I really need lots of subs to bring the noise down. 6 is really too short I might have to combine a few nights worth on this target.

Camera: QHY8 with Astronomik 6nm Hα Filter
Scope: Skywatcher Equinox 80 with Televue TRF-2008
Mount: EQ6 with EQMOD
Guiding: Orion ST80 with QHY5
Capture Software: CCD Commander, The Sky, Maxim DL
Processing Software: DSS, Photoshop
Exposures: 5 x 1200 secs (1 hour 40 mins)
Calibration: 25 x Bias, 25 x Flats



  1. Hi Euan
    These are seriously great images and having seen your observatory and the surrounding light pollution I can only congratulate you on your level of expertise. I wish my images were a tenth as good as these. Maybe a few lessons needed from you 🙂
    keep up the great work. If you would ever like to give a talk to the mebers at the club then let me know.

    • Hi Geoff,

      The LP will be even worse once the council swap out the rest of the old low-pressure Sodium lights 😦

      I’m going down the narrowband route as full RGB is difficult between the LP and the Moon!


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