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I’ve always had real difficulty figuring out what to image and when so I started to look into how to do this more accurately. It becomes much more critical with an automated set up as you really want to make the most of the session time.

My obs has quite a limited field of view, and one good thing about TheSky v6 is that you can map your horizon and use that as a guide to see what objects are available and when.

In TheSky’s local horizon editor you can “Copy” then open up something like Excel (I used Open Office Calc) and hit “Paste”. This gives one column from 0-360 (for Azimuth degrees) and allows you to enter an Altitude value for each.

I fired up the mount and went around each of the limit points, around every 10 or 20 degrees Azimuth and marked down at which Altitude both the imaging and guiding scope had sky in their own FOV.

Then after making the spreadsheet, I filled in the missing values with averages between the two points, as originally they were just a “0”. Then selected the column, and hit “Paste” in the local horizon editor.

Easy peasy!

The result is really accurate, the huge chunk out of the North is the corner of my house, with the roof sloping down to the West. to figure out how to make good use of it using ACP planner


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