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The next stage of the Hypertuning and rebuild is to measure and accurately set the spacing between both the RA and DEC worm gears.

Accurate positioning of the worm and gear will mean less chance of backlash between the two, and will hopefully give a noticeable increase in auto-guiding accuracy.

Working out the spacing involves using a digital calliper to measure different parts of the worm housing, as the distance cannot be measured with the worm in place is it is completely covered.

I used the set of Teflon spacers from

They also come with a handy spreadsheet for putting in the figures and automatically calculating what the required spacing should be.

It game me the following results:

RA: Difference of 0.42mm (used 0.42mm spacer)
DEC: Difference of 0.62mm (used two spacers to get 0.68mm)

Now with the mount rebuilt, the next stage is to drift align it and start collecting some PEC data


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