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I’ve wanted one of these ever since seeing the excellent results people were getting with them. Being an Astrograph it is perfectly suited for imaging, giving a nice flat field over up to 35mm full frame sensors. I’m 0.8mm off the 55mm spacing requirement but even with that the curvature is extremely low, if my guiding is up to scratch this should result in much sharper images.

The major advantage of the Borg system is it is completely modular. Each component can be broken down and re-arranged. It can even be upgraded to the 101mm version just by changing the front lens. I’m running it with a 0.85x reducer at the moment, so will at native F6.5 this brings it down to F5.5. It has a super reducer that can bring it down to F4. I will eventually buy this and then switch from 1.25″ to 2″ filters.

I’ve just been giving it first light and been playing with the helical focuser, which being more like a camera lens focuser is completely different to the usual crayford types on most scopes. So far it’s turned out to be excellent, it can take the weight of the imaging train easily and is nice and smooth and can be locked off once set.


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