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There has been some extreme weather the past week or two at Siding Spring Observatory. Mostly caused by the effect of Cyclone “Rusty”. Now things have settled down to the usual crisp clear skies, and with the moon just out of reach, I was able to grab the remaining narrowband parts for NGC3372, the Carina Nebula.

This is a great example of what just 1 hour and 10 mins gets you on a really good set-up in dark skies. There is a bit of noise reduction in this, but only as it helped with the purple halos caused by pushing the O3 and S2. Once I figure out how to get around this I can get it a bit sharper.

Camera: SBIG STL-11000M with Baader Hα/O3/S2 (-15°C)
Scope: Takahashi FSQ-106 F5
Mount: Paramount PME
Guiding: SBIG Internal
Capture Software: ACP, Maxim DL
Processing Software: Deep Sky Stacker, PixInsight
Exposures: 5 x 5 mins (Hα), 5 x 5 mins (O3), 4 x 5 mins (S2). 1 Hour 10 mins total
Calibration: Automated



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